Trismalux is a genre melting, 4 piece band from Charlotte, NC. After forming in 2016 and a year of incubation, the tastes, styles and backgrounds of 4 very different musicians fused into a unique blend of Jazz/Funk, Hip Hop, Rock & Roll fusion. With the improvisational tendencies of Jazz musicians, the lyrical inclinations of a Rapper and the structure of a rock band Trismalux strives to reach their branches into the electronic future with their roots firmly planted in live instrumentation. Often asking “what would Jazz be if it were born today?”.


Conrad Harvey the lead vocalist and keyboard player, was born in Asheville, NC and raised on the Beatles and Bach in Colorado. He however began his foray into music after discovering hip hop at age 12. He used the conduit of lyrics as an outlet for depression but eventually evolved into singing, playing multiple instruments and styles reflecting his eclectic musical roots and an increasingly optimistic lyrical outlook. In addition to songwriting he also works as a Narrator for commercials and documentaries.

Mikey Marrero the guitarist was born in Puerto Rico. He is heavily influenced by the likes of traditional Spanish music, Genesis, Claude Debussy & Dream Theatre. He is a professional guitar teacher, classical guitarist and has played in multiple Metal & Progressive rock bands as well as often sitting in with Jazz projects.

Chaz Harris the drummer was born in Shelby, NC. His musical roots can be found in the drum line as a drummer, arranger and drum major, if you track his roots far enough they reach all the way back to beating on pots and pans in the kitchen. He grew up with R&B, Hip Hop, Soul and RUSH. He not only plays Drum and Bass and electronic style beats on an acoustic kit, he also builds custom drums & kits from scratch.

Alex Kalicinski the (Polish) bassist was born in Houston, TX and raised in Charlotte, NC. He taught himself to play the bass by hermetically locking himself in a room with Primus records and a bass until he figured out how to play like Les . He has played in bands from multiple genres and projects and is heavily influenced by Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clark, Victor Wooten & Thundercat.