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  1. Met Myself

From the recording #TLUX EP

Released March 12, 2017
Lyrics written by Conrad Harvey. Song written, performed and arranged by Conrad Harvey, Mikey Marrero, Chaz Harris and Alex Kalicinski. Recorded by Dan Lawlor of East Coast Records. Mixed by Justin "Aswell" Blackwood, Published by Minimum Absolute Force Publishing.


You feel complete when you are one
with all that came before and all yet to come.

Come let the sun fill the sky
and it feels like a light that is never gonna die
they say that it's infinite and magnificent
a friend of our God, an immortal young star
and a radiant life, forever like pi
circumference and diameter they come to divide
to make a sweet life in a unified 3 (3.14159265359)
Uniting my mind, unified me
unifies time, unified phi
unifies love, unifies peace
unifies us, unifies we
the infinite love and the unified soul
the intimate love that we can't control
'cause it controls us
we take the extreme and then call the love lust
and then we get mad but


You feel Complete
When you are ONE
with All that came
before and all yet to come

You feel complete
when you are One

One by one, two by two.
What (do) you really wanna do with
your life?
Is it really right to stay so mad
when light reaches into infiniity?
I laugh there's no offending me.
everyone smile and embrace infinity
everyone here is a friend to me
and in the end we'll meet in
just due time
but I know it's just two rhymes
but I really hope it makes you happy like
a fat little baby drinking on breast milk
watch the molecules drip drip on a fresh quilt
I'm so glad I've got this "yes" killed
I can't say no but I do suppose
that you should know that


You feel Complete
When you are ONE
with All that came
before and all and all that is
Yet to
Come down